Monday, April 15, 2013

Ooo I spy some lovely things

Well it seems someone's wish was granted
The Store has slipped itself into preview mode a little early this month
what does that mean???
more time to *drool* over the goodies & make your shopping list 

Inkidink is all for girls this month with sets in sweet girly prints.

Kat's Creative Mcn's is making items from the heart, 
Items for both boys and girls.  

Twins, Triplets and Blended Families dominate the world 
of siblings over at The Climbing Tree.  

A treasured toy can be like a brother or sister. 
Poppy, Bean and Bloss have a few to choose from this month. Http://

Childhood fun and common bonds shared 
via embroidered and embellished modern cloth nappies.

Makeya brings you gorgeous hand dyed items for 
brothers, sisters and best of friends.

Curly Jo is all about sugar and spice and all things nice this month

 Cherub's Kiss has some GORGEOUS
nappies up, including this divine wee Robot Man. 
He's made all from OOP or rare Minkys too!!

Store opens 8pm tonight Qld time
Be sure to be logged in prior to 8pm


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