Monday, September 14, 2009

Well it's nearly time

for our monthly stocking

We've all been busy little bees and as you can see some absolutely stunning goodies have made their way into the store to tempt you.

The hunt is progressing well, with Bek, Shane and Stacey stumping just a few of you with the Gossamer Dreams Hunt. More clues are going up everyday - except the 15th, please don't look for clues on the 15th, because we aren't putting any up.

Now what's on offer. We have three Guest WAHMs at the 15th Stocking. Tracy and Jill from Fairy Fabrics have done some fantastic dyeing jobs on clothing and sheets. Mandy is back with one of her gorgeous bags. Bek has some semi-custom up. Donna some dollies. Stacey has some lucious goodies including pads. Me I've just got nappies this time.

And here's a peek at the one of the sets.

See you tomorrow morning at 8am for a preview of all the items up for grabs at 8pm Queensland time.