Friday, November 14, 2008

My camera is back

Some more squishy goodness for the littlest member of your family!

soft and squishy

yep, the theme for the month might be pure and natural, but I reckon in many ways that's just another way of saying soft and squishy nappy goodness!!

here's a sneak peek at what's coming from me...


As 15th Nov is Steve Irwin Day, once again I have one Crikey set for sale. As always proceeds of sales from Crikey items goes to Conservation Organisations with which Australia Zoo is affiliated.

This set includes a night fitted, soaker and soaker keyring. Full details of this wonderful set will be available from 9am Saturday 15th November at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Donna's contribution!

I'm a surf widow this week and said surfer has taken the camera with him so alas no photos to tease you with.
This month I'll be stocking an assortment of sets, dolls and other bits and bobs for those who appreciate simple, natural materials and a handmade touch.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lush Newborn Goodies

Not completely finished, but can you guess what they are?

I just want to sit and pat them all day, but my littlies have other ideas lol!!

The Gossamer Dreams Team has also decided to take a break for the month of December to come back refreshed with lots of new goodies for January. So this November stocking will be the last for the year.

But please stop by our individual stores to get lots of yummy goodies for stocking stuffers, Christmas outfits and nappies in the lead up to Christmas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nappy Hunt Prize

Because I was a naughty girl, I forgot to post these photos - tut tut, but anyways here is the Gossamer Dreams Nappy Hunt Prize.

A small soaker from Possum Pouches
A trio of wee babies from Bits for Bots
A minky keyring from Pookey Pockets
and a newborn raphael from Cherub's Kiss.

Nappy Hunt prizes will be going out in the next day or so. All winners will be notified by email when the prizes have been sent. The delay has been waiting for some of the winners to confirm their postal address. It's an extremely large post job, so Shane and I do it together and in one day, rather than make countless trips to the post office.

And what you've all be waiting for the details of the November stocking.

November's Stocking is PURE and NATURAL.

With an emphasis on pure and natural fibres using minimal synethics.

I'll be back a wee bit later with some of my goodies, and to me there is nothing more pure and natural than a wee bairn. So most of my stocked items, will be for the teeniest little cherubs :)