Monday, September 10, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper

Boy oh boy! September is gearing up to be a daddy cool month! 

Our awesome guests this month are:

Julie – Rainbows End
Kelly – Kelly Casanova Designs
Susan – Nifty Naps
Natalie - Moederkip
Christie - Widdlewuns
Megan - Totally Bummed
Helen - Stitcheroony

Our equally awesome regulars: Lesley from Cherubs Kiss, Jo of Curly Jo designs, Christine of Baby Bullfrogs have some amazing goodies lined up - perfect for Dads, and Daddy's little helpers - of both the boy and girl variety.

 Items will be available for sale from September 15th at 8pm Queensland Time, but can be previewed from 8pm Tuesday 14th.

Dont miss out! and remember...Xmas is just around the corner ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Theme

And the theme for September is 

'Daddy's Little Helper'

Thank you to all those that guessed 

And we have a winner


Ruth will be getting a little parcel in the post soon :)

Keep your eyes peeled in the store for random listings, in fact I think there might be one or two up there now.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to the September Cloth Nappy Hunt

And Gossamer Dreams is a sponsor.

You won't find the icon hunting very hard on our site, it's only a wee site until the 14th of the month where we stock for just 24 hours with lots of yummy goodies.

And we have a treat instore this month.  Because of the Nappy Hunt, we are going to have a little guessing game.

Little items will be popping up instore for sale throughout the month, to help you guess the theme. 

The first item up is here

Can you guess what the theme is - you must be super specific and you must email with Gossamer Dreams theme in the subject.  First to guess the theme correctly will get a little goodie in the post (you are required to pay postage)