Monday, July 9, 2012

Gossamer Dreams is heading to London!

Its time to pack your bags and held to London for the Olympics!

Along the way we will stop to visit some of the participating nations with items that will celebrate them and their sports.

We are pleased to be joined by a fabulous line up of guests again this month including....

Alysha from Inkidink
Donna from Riverside Dolls
Michelle from Poppy, Bean and Bloss
Helen from Stitcharooney
Natalie from Moderkip
Kirsty from DragonflyMagik

Our regulars Kylie from EarthChild and Lesley from Cherubs Kiss will be joining us while 
Chris, Margo and Susannah are on mid-winter break.

Items will be in store for preview from 8pm Saturday 14th July with the sale commencing 
8pm Sunday 15th July.  The store will be open for 24hours only!