Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's a celebration!!

Welcome to our very last Gossamer Dreams stocking for 2014!

My hasn't the time flown this year, not too long now until we welcome 2015 with an all new Gossamer Dreams. Stay tuned for further details!

As always we have a super line up of guests joining us this month. We are delighted to welcome the following wonderful WAHMs

Alysha from Inkidink
Sandi from Squeeky Cheeks
Michelle from Zoo! Baby
Sabrina from Makeya Handmade
Liz from Tanisyn Designs
Jennifer from Honeybums Nappies

And our regulars joining us are

Lesley from Cherubs Kiss
Margo from The Climbing Tree

while Megan from Totally Bummed and Stacey from Outrageous are taking a break this month.

We look forward to you joining us for previews on Friday the 14th November at 8pm (AEST) with products available for purchase on Saturday the 15th November at 8pm (AEST).

Don't forget our early shopper pass for your chance to be the first to purchase! Entries open at previewing time with a winner chosen the next morning.

Happy shopping from the Gossamer Dreams team!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Babylove - September Stocking

Joining us in our "Babylove" themed September stocking are the following fabulous guests!

Carrie from The Cats Meow, Jennifer from Honeybums Nappies and Alysha from Inkidink.

Kirsten from Picanini Modern Cloth, Sabrina from Makeya and Katy from Izzpired.

Nicola from Roarbaby, Tammy from Never Ending Obsessions and Julie from Rainbows End Studios

Items can viewed in full when the Gossamer Dreams webstore goes into preview mode at 8:30pm of Sunday the 14th of September.

The Early Shopper Pass will be enable at this time, with a winner randomly drawn on the morning of the 15th.

 Items can be purchased from 8:30pm AEST on Monday the 15th of September, 2014.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Party Party Party!!!!

Well its time to party with Gossamer Dreams.

A couple of different items we have this month.

We always have our early shopper pass - but this month, since its our birthday you'll receive $$$ towards your purchase as well.

And then for anyone that buys in the stocking (except the winner of the early shopper pass) will also receive funds towards their purchase.

And keep an eye on the store as I know one of the regulars is also giving something away.

Now onto our guests, we have a huge line up with lots of yummy goodies available, I have my eye on a few.  I'm sure you will have too.

Guests include

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's our birthday and we love to party!!!!!

Welcome to our party - just some of the wonderful items on offer.

Want to see more - make sure you sign up to our newsletter to see!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aurora Australis - July 2014

Welcome to July at Gossamer Dreams! What a colourful month this will be, with all the beautiful colours of the Southern Lights. Our theme includes the sky above and the sea below - so watch out for some aquatic fun too!

Our talented guests this month include:

Sandy of Folkwood

Lindsey of Jacaranda Handmade

Katrina of Kats Creative MCN

Carrie of The Cats Meow

Tammy of Never Ending Obsessions

Our regulars have been having a heap of fun with this theme - look out for:

The Climbing Tree is under the glacial lights....

Cherub's Kiss is taking you from the beach to the outback with something for the mama.

Lots of colour and a little bit of chill from Totally Bummmed...

Parrot Pants brings you some hand spun goodness, inspired by Aurora Australis

Curly Jo has been having lots of fun with the colours of the Aurora Australis...look out for some pretty new Treasure Boxes and some fabulous $20 treats

The store previews at 8pm AEST 14th July and opens for purchases at 8pm AEST 15th July

Dont forget to enter our 'Early Shopper Pass' lottery - one lucky person will have the opportunity to purchase an item before the store opens.

See you there!
The Gossamer Dreams Team

Friday, June 13, 2014

Great Train Rides of the World JUNE 2014

Welcome to our June stocking!

We are thrilled to have the following guests joining us for the month of June:

Kat's Creative Mcn's Creating Nappies since 2011.
 Vogue Seamstress, extending range to include children's clothing especially boys.

Kelly Casanova brings you beautiful colour inspirations from train journeys all over the world with a particular fondness for Australiana.

Kirsten from Picanini Modern Cloth
Calling all mothers! Picanini want's to take you off on a well deserved trip of opulence - elegance and luxury are key. However we haven't forgotten the little people, there's plenty to keep them warm on our exciting journey.

Sandi from Squeeky Cheeks
Whether it's guiding the Ghan through central Australia, the Overland from Adelaide to Melbourne or Thomas and Edward around Sodor, Squeeky Cheeks has your budding little train driver covered!

Nicola from Roar Baby

Campbell's House takes you around the world with items for mum and bub. Enjoy the ride!

And the regulars stocking this month include:

Hop aboard the custom train with Lesley from Cherub's Kiss, and pick up something for the traveler.
Get ready to travel with some Shangrila Express with Margo from The Climbing Tree.
Toot Toot! All aboard the bubble train with Stacey from Outrageous! Soaps
It's all about the view and the destination with Megan from Totally Bummed

The store previews at 8pm AEST Saturday the 14th of June, and is open for purchases from 8pm AEST Sunday the 15th of June 2014.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Place I call Home MAY 2014

The Place I call Home

 Please welcome our guests this month

Liesel from Squares & Rectangles 

 Mandy from Mandy Jane Creations

 Jelaine from Little Alligator

Jo from One Busy Sloth

Alysha From Inkidink

Sandy from Folkwood

And of course joining us are our regulars : Lesley from Cherubs Kiss, Jo from Curly Jo, Megan from Totally Bummed, Sam from Maddimoo, and Margo from The Climbing Tree

Previews will be live at 8pm Queensland time tonight, 
Wednesday the 14th May and 
the online store opens for shopping at 8pm Thursday the 15th May 
(again this is Queensland time). 

Hope to see you there!!

The Gossamer Dreams team xx

Monday, April 14, 2014

For The Love of Chocolate - April 2014

Hi there everyone and welcome to our yummiest stocking yet!!

Our lovely guests as always have a wonderful selection of goodies up for grabs. We are delighted to have as our guests this month

Obsidian from Obsidian Star has beautiful cloth pads in a range of styles and prints.

Maz from Maz-a-licious is making custom order's for the heart.

Tammy from Never Ending Obsessions has luxury hand dyed yarn and accessories.

Lindsey from Jacaranda Handmade has toys, clothing and decor items for your little ones.

Anna from Howieandcharlie has custom handmade handbags, totes and project bags.

Lisel from Squares and Rectangles has handmade homewares & gifts to make your house a home.

Rebecca from Bella Bumz has soft and Squishy bunnies

Katy from Izzpired has a sweet delight

And of course joining us are our regulars: Susannah from Parrot Pants, Lesley from Cherubs Kiss, Jo from Curly Jo, Megan from Totally Bummed, Sam from Maddimoo, Stacey from Outrageous and Margo from The Climbing Tree. Chris from Baby Bullfrogs is taking a little break this month.

Previews will be live at 8pm Queensland time tonight, Monday the 14th April and the online store opens for shopping at 8pm Tuesday the 15th April (again this is Queensland time). 

Hope to see you there!!

The Gossamer Dreams team xx