Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Monster Stocking

Wow where has the year gone, it's already August and it's time for our Birthday!!

To celebrate our birthday this year, we decided that Gossamer Dreams would go back to its roots and feature a whole stack of awesome MCN makers.  Emails were sent earlier in the year to as many wahms as we could think of and there are a lot of MCN makers out there now.

The following ladies will be joining us for the month.  Each contributor has a couple of items and there are quite a few collaborations as well.

We will preview a bit earlier this month just so you have plenty of time to look out for eye candy.

Also keep your eyes peeled for our giveaway - it will be run lottery style through Congo Cart.

Alexis Taylor
Billy and the Bow Wow
Bubby's Bott
Butterfly Party
Couture Cloth
Genesa Forge
Little Para Pants
Made with Luff
MiaMoo Creations
MJ's Mummy
My My My - featuring Lollybottoms Nappies
Nappies Covered
Nifty Naps
Snow Pea Nappies
Tiny Cheeks
Totally Bummed
Zoo Baby

And some peeks just to get your tempted 

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