Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And welcome to March!

Wow the year is certainly flying by - are you participating in the Cloth Nappy Hunt?  If you are, hope those pesky icons are driving you too insane.

Now onto Gossamer Dreams, we have some wonderful Guest WAHMs lined up, some woolies, some nappies and some gorgeous little treats for boys and girls.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page or Blog to see those little peeks!

I suppose I'd best tell you the theme then?

'Home Grown'

So what does that mean?
Think farmyard, orchard, flowers and fruit.

And here is my first little offering, it's transforming into a nappy of course, but she's a cute little cow, with hand embroidered detail for her thatch of hair and cute fluffy tail and a few other bits and pieces as well.

There will be some lovely sets between me and a woolie mama, more details to come and a RoarKiss Collaboration as well.

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