Friday, February 5, 2010

The Year of the Tiger

Those born in a Tiger year are active, courageous, optimistic, passionate and independent. But can also be rebellious, unpredicatable and quick temper. Super affectionate the Tiger is a natural born leader which symbolises power, passion and daring.

To that end, the February Gossamer Dreams stocking is based on Chinese New Year. Daring and eye catching, the Asian inspired theme will see some stunning OOAK and special items pop up on the 15th of the month. Chinese New Year officially starts on the 14th February.

So keep your eyes on the blog for more little peeks and we hope to see you on the 15th for previewing at 9am Qld Time and for sale with first to checkout at 8pm Queensland time.

My first offering is a Ying Yang nappy, all in minky inside and out, this sure is one lush and daring nappy. Full details and lots more pictures will be up on the site on the 15th


Amanda L said...

Lesley you never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous nappies.

Sara said...

Loving that Ying Yang Nappy. I have just become an official follower (had you in my bloglines for a while) and have also added a link on my blog in the sidebar (

Trudy said...

I want, I want...... I'm not allowed, sigh

But so gorgeous as always Lesley