Monday, April 13, 2009

Want to win some goodies?

Well we'd love your thoughts and suggestions for some themes for Gossamer Dreams? What would you like to see?

Throw those suggestions at us and go in the draw for some surprise goodies from the GD girls.

Just leave a comment (making sure that you have a way for us to contact you) and we'll draw the winner just before the next month's stocking.


Mihaja Photography said...

Princess and Pirates

Always everyones favorites..

Krissy said...

Ooooh GD goodies! How can a girl ever resist!!

My suggestions are:

* Country / Western (Cowboys, prairie girls, tassels and such)

* Down on the Farm

* Fruit Salad

* Around the World

* What's Cooking

* Feelings

Hope some are useful!

Kim said...

oohh id like a few themes,
stars and moons,
a blue theme,
outer space theme,
sweet theme (lollies, cakes, all things sweet )
a safari theme, or jungle theme.
oh gosh my list go's on lol

megsie said...

Oooo a gd giveaway! awesome my suggestions

winged things
native flora
native fauna
rock n roll:p

JORDAN said...
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Brissmiths said...



Bayliss_Family said...

Cool Ideas for themes

-In the Kitchen
-Splash (Water and/or bath themed)
-Disney (pooh, mickey etc)
-Husband offered a suggestion og Rubber Duckies & lol. Nappies! :P hes one smart cookie lol
- Dreams (nightnappies, clouds)
- FLuffy (everything fluffy (good for winter :))
- Sherbet themed (everything pastel)
- Mirrors (reflective surfaces etc)
- Taggie (like those taggie blankets, but on nappies, and singlets)
- Touchy-Feely (differnet patterns & textures, good for stimulation :))
- Goth, lol.
- DS suggested balls. Don't know how that works, lol, but I like to include suggestions
- Dressups/Pretend Play (e.g. fairies, cowboys, firefighters)
- Colours (each offering from each store has to be the same colour i.e. green set, red sert)
- Monkeys (just cause we adore them :))
- Chinese Astrology (year of the dog, ox)
- Asian based stuff (writing, ninjas, dragons etc)
- Darker than dark (everything black, cause well, black goes with everything)
- Designer knock-offs (verything done the the designer style e.g. fake gucci, chanel nappies lol.)
- Portability (or On The Run)- everything travel based (i,e. quick dry nappies, fold-up pads etc, scrunchable wetbags???)
- Technology (everything,shiny, sleek, futuristic)
- Snuggle (everything soft & cuddly. velour, minky etc)
Earth - All organic
Aussie - All material made in Aus. and maybe aussie colours
Garden (think flowers, trees, water, all outside stuff)
Native Animals (pltypus, kangaroos, waombats etc)
Free Your Mind (each shop can come up with whatever they have always wanted to try to make (basically a suprise week of all sorts of goodies)
Easy - Everything easyclean lol (probably counted just as basix for stash fillers)
Hippy, lol
Food (cupcakes, lollipops etc)
Insects (ants, bees)


Lisa said...

Dinosaurs, flowers, dolls, letters, numbers etc...

Ribbonista said...

Hi Girls

I'd love to see a Boys only stocking, the girls are pretty well looked after at every stocking but the boys not so much.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Good Luck going through all the entries.

Ally said...

Ooooh ok here are mine :

* Planes, trains & automobiles - Pretty obvious !
* Under the sea - Obvious again LOL !
* Flower power - Some really groovy tie dyes & retro florals.
* Mythical creatures - Fairies, dragons, unicorns & heck even a Gryphon could be used ( hint hint from the mum with a Griffin LMAO !)
* Sleep, nappies & rock & roll ! - Again fairly obvious with some guitars, bold colours etc.
* Dinosaur stomping - Another self explainer ;)

They could be sets but also maybe have softies included iykwim !

Mandy said...

Myths and Legends ;) I'd love to see what would come of that one!

life-is-beautiful said...

My all time fav would be the enchanted world faires, goblins, witches, wizards, unicorns, elves, gnomes, angels, pegasus, gremlins

my other fav is the ocean/beach so mermaids, pirates, spades and buckets, sandcastles, seahorses, surfing, shells, sharks, whales

Kylie said...


Co-ordinating fashion outfits, something different/unique/extra special. Especially with winter coming up - winter accessories. What you would see on a catwalk for babies :D.

kristie said...

A Night theme Like owls,bats and moon and stars and things that come out at night.
Panda theme, everyone loves pandas.

pithirendar said...

I would also love to see a mythical fantasy type theme because I am a D&D nerd and one of my oldest girls first word was beholder hehe

I'd also love to see the black theme that was mentioned so hard to find nice black stuff.

and... I'd also like to see a Celtic theme, great designs for mumma's and bubba's.

catriona said...

* a stocking of just WOOLIES (pretty ones please!!)
* a stocking of old style pretty baby things - white and lace with flower embellishments etc... bonnets, booties, matching lace on an auriel and on the bottoms of babylegs too sweet!
* a stocking of just bright, funky colours - shapes and striking patterns, or colour combos eg this month purple and green
* a stocking of custom slots only, one for each wahm oh that would be wonderful!!

karen said...

Mmm, I was thinking 'Under the Sea' and 'At the Bottom of the Garden' but they've already been mentioned. What about a 'Teddy Bear's Picnic'?

catriona said...

oh i should have also suggested aussie storie books - possum magic, snuggle pot and cuddle pie etc.........

Tam said...

Rock n Roll
Where the wild things are

Something for the boys (not nappy related)

Ingitar said...

My ideas are
- Nursery ryhmes
- Children's songs (room for people to interpret in different ways)
- sugar n' spice
- favourite stories
- Adventures
- Abstract theme
- our natural Australia!
- Earth friendly (nappies, enviro bags, mama pads, recycled fabrics etc)

Suse said...

This is fun!

- Cartoon / animation characters
- Rainbow colours/stripes
- Robots
- Floral
- Music (instruments or notation)
- Dragons
- Shapes
- Numbers

Hope these provide inspiration!

Jodie said...

At the moment my kids are really into
-trucks and diggers
-in the vegie patch
-farm life

Oh what fun! Thanks : )

Trudy said...

Okay so I don't know what you would do (but that's your job not mine, lol) but since one of the reasons we all use nappies is to help keep it in good shape for the babies we are clothing how about a save the planet/recycling theme?

Nic Wood said...

my favourite thing at the moment -

Maz said...

punk / goth / rocker theme (imagine the little tartan skirts with tulle coming out from underneith)

biker boy / getto girl

OH Ive got some bad mojo happening now!!!!!

Tanya said...

Oooh birds would be cool!
What about the 7 wonders of the world (ancient or natural - pyramids to the great wall, all the creatures of the galapagos & great barrier reef)

Can't wait!!

Suzanne said...

WOW, you have heaps already, not sure if I can come up with anything new.

Here goes, sorry if its already been said:

- Mini Me - matching set of mummy and daughter or daddy and son. Even mummy and son etc

- On the Farm, In the wild, in your backyard theme? Eg. Cows, horses etc or lions, kangaroos or Chickens, cats, dogs, fish

- Game theme - like tic tac toe

- Cars, Trains, Boats

- Princesses, fairies

Rosie said...

What are little boys made of... Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails that's what little boys are made of....
An all boy stocking for the little men in our lives, I'd love to see WAHM couture, boys nappies, puppy dog cuddly toys and dinosaur cuddlies, boys hats, boys aprons and bags.

A story book / nursery rhyme theme.. little red riding hood, three little pigs, old mother hubbard etc

An all about mum stocking... soaps, jewellery, mama pads, just for mums.

A recycled stocking, the purpose most of use cloth for is for the environment, well how about a stocking of items made with recycled items only.. nappies made from recycled t-shirts,jewellery made from recycled products etc...

Linda said...

I'd like to see some more for the boys
Kick a goal - sports themes
On the road - trucks cars etc
Winged creatures - birds, dragons, aeroplanes etc
Prince & Princess
Simple pleasures - feeding ducks, swings, catching bugs etc

Mylenna said...

My ideas:

* The elements - earth, wind, fire etc
* Gradient colour theme
* Vintage

So many suggestions already!

Cat said...

So many great suggestions have been made already, but my choice would be:
* Bugs and beetles
* Stripes, stripes and more stripes
* Spotty dotty
* Fairies and Elves
* Rainbows (again)
* Party food (cup cakes, lollies, sweets)
* Transport - cars, buses, bikes, planes
* Teddy Bears picnic
* Music/Guitars/other instruments
* Ball games/sport - football, soccer and more, ballerinas for the girls
* A whole stocking on Owls
* Shoes
* A single colour, where everything stocked that month was all the one colour
* And my personal favourite would be a whole stocking on ladybugs.

Karyn said...

Stocking theme ...

regeneration (in honour of the bushfires and nature now regenenerating and people rebuilding)


Also, stocking theme of ... stockings and socks!


Your Cheeky Monkey said...

As some of the others have said, a boys theme!! Also, i like colour themes like red or blue. Another theme that would be great is age group - newborn, toddlers, mums etc.

Thanks! And good luck everyone! Monique :)

Mama Mel said...

Up, Up and AWAY!

Peta said...

Day at the Fair (Ekka in August)