Thursday, February 12, 2009

MMM, Cupcake Goodness

I'll be auctioning this little treasure off on Sunday at the stocking, to raise funds for the Bushfire/Flood victims. I'll have extra goodies to go in the auction if they auction hits certain levels, full details on Gossamer Dreams on Sunday. So you might just get the skirt, or you might get nappy/skirt, or babylegs/skirt. Just keep bidding and you'll end up with a gorgeous packet of goodies, with the funds going to a worthy cause.

This skirt is made from the Flipsy skirt pattern by Make it Perfect

It's fully reversible - so two skirts for the price of one and it's ever so cute.

Check out the gorgeous hem detail and the cute heart shaped buttons.

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megsie said...

ohhh good enough to eat lol:D