Monday, January 12, 2009

A few changes

We've decided after much discussion to move the Gossamer Dreams store to a Congo Cart. Most of you know well how to use Congo Cart and it will also overcome the issue of overselling of products.

Please make note of a couple of points :-

Items are yours when carted however they will remain in your cart for only 5 minutes. Therefore you must checkout within the 5 minute timeframe to retain your products. If you do not checkout in this time, they will return to stock

Please check store listings carefully - some items will have postage included and others will have posted added on checkout.

Hyena policy - we are more than happy for you to Hyena on behalf of another, however, please make it clear in your comments, if the item is to be sent to another person. We will not resend invoices. Invoices will be sent to the purchaser as per the details listed in your purchase invoice.

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